I wanted to draw molecules online but I couln’t find a suitable application for this. So I decided to create one myself and MolView was born.

Cruzzle, the infinite puzzle

May 7, 2014

Cruzzle joins a sliding puzzle and a Ribiks cube into a new kind of puzzle.


Jan 1, 2014

Logic Board is an Android app to simulate simple logic circuits.

My first Android app

Dec 2, 2013

I build my first Android game and I wanted to build something special. I found a game I had never heard of before and built it into an app.

Risk using RaphaelJS

Jun 1, 2013

In this project, I’ve recreated the well known strategy game called Risk. Unfortunately, there’s no computer AI yet.

OBJ loader for Google Drive

Jun 1, 2013

Drive3D is a Google Drive app which can display OBJ files in your browser, Drive3D is made using Three.js.